Becoming a Wedding Officiant was one of the best decisions of my life. I was looking for another career to add to my ever expanding resume, but I wanted to do something meaningful, something that made me happy, and something that I was passionate about.

That’s when I met Celia Milton, my mentor and inspiration. Already an established and successful minister, she was inundated with wedding requests 365 days a year. She said you should be a minister, too— start your own business! Almost a decade ago, I realized Celia and her concepts were the future of weddings, original and personalized ceremonies for every couple performed by someone who loves to share a beautiful, heartfelt story.

I thought above Celia’s encouraging words for awhile; could I do this? And that’s when I attended a wedding that changed my life. Performed in a religious venue, the priest got the groom’s name wrong and kept mentioning divorce, but in no way made the ceremony personal or even exciting. The couple never smiled, and it definitely did not look like the best day of their life. I decided there and then that I wanted to give couples a better option, an option that made sense for whatever kind of wedding they were going to have! The best option was the weddings of their dreams!

I personalize every wedding I write with quotes, poems, and songs. I perform and create rituals that are meaningful to every couple. Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day— it’s why everyone is there, to see you pledge lifelong love to one another. I have performed every kind of wedding imaginable and I look forward to every single one.

If you would like to hire me as YOUR Wedding Officiant, you can contact Celia Milton, not only my mentor, but my wedding agent. We make your wedding so incredibly special and unique, as we have done for thousands of others. It is a pleasure and my joy to have this calling and I’m so grateful for it every day. Let’s make your wedding unforgettable.

Have an engaging day!