This is a video of Cari doing a few of our fave short readings;

P and I wanted to thank you again for the lovely service.It was so touching and personalized and the way you presented it was perfect.I can’t tell you how many people came up to me to tell me how wonderful the service was. You have gotten us off to a great start and we really appreciate it. 

Almost all of the feedback regarding my wedding was either about how fun it was or how awesome and personal my ceremony was. Celia was recommended by a friend of mine who got married two months before. By the time we contracted, Celia was not available for our wedding but her colleague Cari would be the officiant. We spoke for over an hour the first time we met over the phone. It felt like i had known Cari forever! We then completed a questionnaire on what we wanted for the wedding and answering some personal questions about ourselves. Then Cari sent the draft of the ceremony to us and it was amazing. I was crying pretty much all throughout reading it. The ceremony had the perfect amount of cheer, laughs and personal touches to make it extremely memorable. My co-worker literally asked if i knew her before because she spoke like she knew us so well. We are so thankful for such a wonderful memorable ceremony!

Thank you Celia for recommending Cari. 

Cari — what a wonderful ceremony you wrote and delivered! It was perfect. I had many guests comment on what a great officiant you were (well-spoken, charismatic, likable were all descriptors mentioned.) Even my very Irish Catholic mom, who had asked at least 4 times leading up to the wedding why I wasn’t having a priest, said you were absolutely wonderful! ;0)

Now that all the excitement has settled I wanted to reach out and thank you both for everything! The ceremony was so amazing, everyone loved it! You were so personal and have such an amazing character! You also made it so easy and stress free for me. I cannot thank you enough for everything. 
I’ll be sure to share some photos with you when I get them! 
Thank you! 
 L and P

Hi Cari and Celia, 

This is A and M writing to tell Cari that we thought she was absolutely amazing at our ceremony. We got so many compliments on our officiant you would not believe it!  Everyone was asking where we found you and they just thought you were amazing and got the whole day kicked off in the right direction.

Personally we appreciate you getting in those last minute extra thank you mentions. We loved it, our families loved it. I could not give you a higher recommendation.

You nailed it! Thank you so much, it was such a pleasure working with you. I hope Celia knows how amazing you are 😉
Thank you!  
The K’s

Cari and Celia,
Our wedding ceremony was the most memorable ceremony that I have ever been to, not because it was my own, but because it was unique, personal. somehow hilarious, and upbeat. We received so many compliments about you Cari, your personality really matched ours and we loved how you went with the flow. You relieved all of our anxieties about how our day would go and brought us so much comfort while standing up there. 
We cannot thank you enough for being so wonderful and making our day absolutely perfect. 
Celia, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and we would choose you all over again.
With much love,M and E

R and I are lost for words to describe how perfectly our ceremony represented us as a couple.  We felt the magic and so many of our loved ones did, too. I can’t even begin to tell you how many friends and family members made remarks about how great you were. The mood you set with your angelic voice, your loving words, your understanding of US, our story, AND our time concerns, truly embodied what we hoped our ceremony would look and feel like. You really took the time to preserve our vision and execute our ceremony just the way we wanted and we could not have done it without your time, ideas and patience. 

Thank you for being such an integral part of our BEST day!
Also, Thank you for this name change to-do list! It is so helpful – I’ve only made it FB official so far, but will be tending to each of these slowly over the next few months.
Mr. and Mrs. K!!! 🙂 

Thank you for your quick work with the marriage license!  And thanks for the the name change information, too.
E and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did as our wedding officiant.  The ceremony was perfect — it was exactly what we wanted, and you added such a warm, genuine touch to the written words.
All the best to you and your family as you welcome your little girl in a few months!

E and E

I am so sorry about the delay in getting back to you.  We were both back at work for 2 weeks before our honeymoon and those 2 weeks were insanely hectic!  Anyway, we so appreciate you reaching out and sending your kind words and well wishes our way.  🙂
It was an absolute honor and pleasure to have you there with us on our wedding day.  You did an amazing job!  Your warmth and kindness really shined through both with your interactions with us as well as with the rest of our families and guests.  It is easy to see how much you enjoy your work as an officiant and I think that sincerity really makes an impact in your delivery.  Thank you for telling our story with such poise, humor, and love.  We are so thankful for the wonderful job you did and could not be more happy with the way it turned out!  We got so many compliments about how beautiful and touching our ceremony was, so kudos to you!  
Thank you so much for sending that list of name change stuff.  I have to start doing that!  We got our marriage license in the mail, so we’re all good on that front.
Thanks again so much for making our day so special!
With thanks and gratitude,  S & M 

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony. I loved what you wrote for us and thought it reflected our personalities so well. We got a lot of compliments from our guests as well! Is there somewhere online where I can leave a review? Again, I was blown away with how much you were able to capture us in your writing.
Thanks so much, C

“Cari! You are amazing. Seriously. I loved your ceremony (I can’t imagine a way it could have been better, really). And the fact that you know what you’re doing with a mic is just the cherry on top. It was such fun chatting before and after, too! I’ll definitely be referring you to every client I book from now on!   It was a genuine pleasure, my dear. I hope we work together again soon!”   JJ  DJ/Music Consultant

“Celia was my sister’s wedding officiant so she was the first person I called when I was looking for one for our big day. She was unavailable but was able to match us with Cari and we were so happy throughout the whole process. Celia and Cari where tremendously helpful when it came time to put together our unique ceremony. Cari wrote a beautiful, personal, and heartfelt ceremony that my fiancé and I were blown away. On the big day Cari was amazing and we heard so many positive things from our guests about our officiant. We are so happy that we found Cari and that she was able to work with us. Thank you so much Celia for making that happen!”
“We originally came to Celia because we saw her marry friends of ours and LOVED her unique, personal and creative take on wedding ceremonies. When we contacted her about marrying us, she was already booked for our date (she’s popular!), but connected us with one of her affiliated officiants, Cari Chrisostomou Schonfeld.
Cari was wonderful. Things started with an in-depth (but fun!) phone call where she got to know me and my fiance, our story and how we envisioned our wedding ceremony. In addition to being easy to talk to and personable, she brought a sense of flexibility and expertise to the ceremony design process.After the convo, we filled out a questionnaire that formed the basis of the ceremony Cari wrote for us. She met our needs on several levels: suggesting appropriate readings, building in the right amount of spirituality, and accommodating our requests for live musical interludes and a handful of special readers.On the day of the wedding, Cari was the epitome of professionalism. She dressed gorgeously but appropriately–festive but still official in a dark colored dress–and was calm, cool and collected. She double checked a few name pronounciations for us and was totally natural and engaging during the ceremony. We couldn’t have loved her more!”

“What else can I say but AWESOME!!! Celia and her band of officiant’s (I love Cari!!!) made our day so special. Although we are not deeply religious, we asked for a religious element to be added to the ceremony for members of our family who were. The ceremony was meaning and special and we could not have asked for a better way to celebrate the joining of our two families. Celia and her team were amazingly patient and kind and once we explained our relationship, she was able to create a ceremony that seemed like it was especially tailor made just for us. We can’t thank her enough.”

“We had Celia Milton arrange the officiant services for our wedding in October, with her associate, Cari, presiding over the actual ceremony. Both Celia and Cari were terrific to work with, they were responsive, professional, and are positive and enthusiastic about everything they do. They both communicated with us frequently, answered any and all of our questions, and gave excellent suggestions and advice regarding the progression and design of the ceremony. Cari was perfect on the day of our wedding; she has a beautiful presence, voice, and her readings flowed seamlessly from one part of the ceremony to the next. Celia and Cari will also advise you regarding the procedure for obtaining your marriage license so you don’t have to worry about that. We thoroughly enjoyed having them at our wedding and highly recommend them if you’re looking for an officiant.”

“My husband and I are not religious at all, so we were nervous about how we were going to find an officiant. We still wanted to have a “traditional” wedding, just without the religious aspects. It seemed like it was going to be impossible until we found Celia Milton on this site. I had a good feeling about her from the start! We contacted her right away, and we had a very nice conversation over Skype. Although she was already booked for a wedding at the same time as ours, she was able to set us up with another officiant she works with, Cari Chrisostomou. Cari was wonderful! She had a great personality and was fun to work with, and the ceremony she wrote for us was so moving. She did a great job getting to know us and our story, and putting it together very succinctly and beautifully. Knowing that our favorite band had a huge part in bringing us together, she figured out (without either of us telling her) the perfect song for “us” and included it in the ceremony! She even helped us figure out what kind of rituals to include, and she wrote an awesome wine sharing and hand-fasting ceremony for us. The ceremony was just magical. It had EVERYONE in tears! It couldn’t have been more perfect.Cari and Celia were both so sweet and helpful. In the week leading up to the wedding, we had a major crisis – we thought we could just go in and get a marriage license, but it turned out it was too late. Freaked out, I called Cari, and she calmed me down. My husband called Celia and she told us exactly what we needed to do to appeal the waiting period. The next day we went to the courthouse and got our waiver easily! They really saved our wedding.Whether you end up working with Celia, Cari, or one of their other officiants, I think you’ll be very happy with what you get. They’re great people, and they really understand how to capture “you” in the ceremony!”