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I'm your typical Jersey girl whose first loves are musical theatre and singing. Now a newly married woman with so much going on, I'm chronicling… well, everything. I'm reentering the world of theatre and auditioning, one time step at a time while working in hospitality with quite the cast of touristic characters. Dusting off my rep book, headshots, and favorite LBD to get back to pounding the pavement! I'm living newlywed style and adjusting to the awesomeness that marriage brings. It's pretty cool when you got the right dude and I do. (Haha, I do.) Love and marriage; it's fun. There are always adjustments though and it's about facing them as the great team we are. (I feel like such a grown up.) I'm a wedding officiant, wedding singer, bridesmaid, coordinator, and well, wedding everything. Maybe one day I'll be an expert. I'm looking back at my amazing wedding and sharing stories, wake up calls, tips and tricks for all the brides out there from someone who has been there. I planned so I could enjoy my day! I'm cooking, baking and trying new things in the kitchen. Freezer meals, french macaroons and casseroles are all on the menu for this year. I'm DIYing but keeping it classy. Crafts make me happy and organization makes me happiest. I'm trying to live my happily ever after in this crazy Emily-Post-It-On-Facebook world and sometimes it isn't easy. How can I do anything else but KEEP CALM AND "CARI" ON?

Chocolate French Macarons

I’m trying this lady’s recipe next!

KA's bakery

Macarons! These small round French biscuits are crispy and chewy at the same time. A delicate treat that never fails to lift my spirit!

My love for them started 5 years ago when I had my first Macaron. It was filled with a rich dark chocolate ganache that complemented the crisp and tender shells. But they are expensive little treats that can cost around £1.70 for a single one!

With no income at the time and a very sweet tooth, I wanted to recreate these Macarons at my very own kitchen. To be honest, I tried a good few attempts to perfect the recipe and technique that I am going to share with you. It either cracked on the top, or it didn’t have the distinctive foot Macarons are known for. But finally I have the recipe that reminds me the very first time I tried these dainty treats.


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